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Watercolor Florals in Light Blush





Sabina Maria floral watercolor artist and desginer


Welcome !

Sabina Maria is a talented watercolour surface pattern designer and artist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

For her, creativity is not just a pursuit – it's a pathway to peace and mindfulness.


Through her artwork, she finds solace and expresses her true self, believing that beauty and art are inherent in the simplest of things and should be accessible to all. Sabina draws inspiration from the everyday world, embracing the hues, textures, and wonders of nature, particularly in florals & feminine colors. 

In her moments of leisure, Sabina indulges in painting, gardening, and the simple joys of being outdoors. Her love for exploration extends to trying out new foods and cherishing quality time with family and friends.


Sabina's artistic intention is clear – to infuse beauty and bliss into your daily surroundings. Her fluid brush strokes and captivating color combinations come together in gestural and floral watercolour textiles and wallpaper, aimed at elevating your homes with a touch of artistry. Keep an eye out for Sabina's work, as it graces products, licensing projects, fabrics, and wallpaper, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty she captures and shares with the world.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
― William Morris

Follow Sabina Maria on Instagram (@sabinamariadesign)

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Hand painted watercolor flowers surface pattern design
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